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Article originally appeared on amgreatness.com.

I am a strident critic of the modern American military. I have gone on record repeatedly to encourage young, spirited men to stay out of the armed services.

I have good reasons for taking this position—the American military does not do what it is supposed to do. It does not protect the rights of Americans, and it has embraced the worst aspects of anti-white DEI liberalism. As a veteran, I cannot, in good conscience, advise young men to join the military under these conditions.

Nevertheless, I still receive pushback from young right-wing men who still want to join the military. Put broadly, these young men see my vision as fundamentally negative and critical. They critique me along these lines:

“You’ve said what not to do, but you don’t have an alternative. I understand that every institution in our time is ‘fake and gay,’ including the military. Still, donning the uniform and joining a combat unit is a lot …

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