‘There Is A Plan To Destroy America’: TSA Sign Says Migrants Without ID Can Choose Not To Have Photo Taken When Entering U.S.

Article originally appeared on www.dailywire.com.

A photo taken from Miami International Airport showed a notice from the Transportation Security Administration indicating that migrants entering the U.S. at the airport did not have to supply a photo or have their photo taken in order to enter the country.

Political commentator Dave Rubin snapped the photo, tweeting, “This is the state of absolute insanity happening at our airports. I’m in the Pre-TSA line, where migrants don’t have to have an ID to get through security and it’s their choice whether they want their picture taken. There is a plan to destroy America.”

The sign read, “U.S. airport Non-U.S. Citizen Document Validation Using CBP One Technology.” CBP One is a mobile application launched in October 2020 to help immigrants preschedule appointments at ports of entry.

The sign continued as follows:

TSA is partnering with CBP to test the use of CBP One at certain TSA checkpoints to validate adult non-U.S. citizen travel documentation …

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