How Obama Took Over the Biden Administration

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A little tidbit.

Obama’s 2020 efforts on Biden’s behalf didn’t end there. He was also instrumental in creating the so-called party unity commissions that brought Sanders’ staff and allies together with Bidens’ — a move that has had a lasting impact on Biden’s first-term policy agenda. The officials and operatives who served on these committees wrote a party platform that incorporated a number of progressive priorities. They also formed relationships that would carry forward into Congress and the Biden White House. We found that progressive leaders in Congress like Pramila Jayapal forged close ties with Biden’s first chief of staff, Ron Klain, during this period.

In other words, the Left lost the primary but won the nomination anyway.

Now let’s go one step further. Obama needs a weakened Biden in order to be able to control him. In 2020, the weakness was ‘organic’ and came …

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