Supreme Court Authorizes Biden Admin To Tear Down Texas Razor Wire Securing Border

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The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 on Monday that the Biden administration may cut through or tear down razor wire that the state of Texas has placed along the U.S.-Mexico border as it seeks to stop foreign nationals from illegally crossing into the U.S.

The short order noted that Justice Clarence Thomas, Justice Samuel Alito, Justice Neil Gorsuch, and Justice Brett Kavanaugh all would have denied the Biden administration’s request.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott had roughly 30 miles of razor wire installed along the border near the Rio Grande at Eagle Pass to slow down the flood of illegal immigrants coming into Texas due to Biden’s open border policies.

The state filed a lawsuit after the U.S. Border Patrol repeatedly cut through sections of razor wire to let illegal aliens into the U.S., saying that they damaged state …

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