Biden Stumbles So Badly White House Transcript People Can’t Even Make Sense of ‘Beer Brewed Here’ Gaffe

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President Joe Biden is a teetotaler, and with good reason.

“There are enough alcoholics in my family,” he answered once when asked why he didn’t imbibe adult beverages.

According to The New York Times, the president believes there’s a genetic component to addiction; his progeny, unfortunately, is an object lesson in our blind-squirrel president occasionally finding a nut of truth.

Thus, nobody could blame Biden’s oft-incoherent performance Thursday on the casks of beer it was delivered in front of during a visit to the state of Wisconsin. Instead, it was just Joe Biden being Joe Biden in 2024 — and it was bad enough that the people who put together the White House transcripts of the president’s remarks could hardly make sense out of the gaffe.

Biden was at the Earth Rider Brewery in Superior to tout the effects of his infrastructure spending sprees — because, apparently, we desperately needed federal money to ensure that a brewery in a state that drinks …

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