Greg Abbott Fights Biden, Enforces The Border. He’s Right, And It’s Not Illegal.

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On Wednesday, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas issued a letter announcing that the state of Texas was going to start enforcing the border. They’ve been doing this for a while. Yet the federal government has objected to the fencing they put in the middle of the Rio Grande barriers.

So Abbott issued a historic letter in the face of a constitutional crisis that has been created entirely by Joe Biden and his evil activities on the border.

It is evil not to enforce the border of your country, to purposefully leave the border wide open, which is what Biden has done.

I’ve been down to the border. It is, indeed, wide open, and that facilitates the incentivization of drug cartels to pour millions of people into the United States and move tons of fentanyl across the southern border, the cause of over 100,000 American deaths a year.

This is Biden abandoning his constitutional …

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