Biden’s Natural Gas Shutdown Will Make You Poor, Cold, And Miserable

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The Biden Administration announced Friday that it’s putting a stop to the permitting process for several liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal projects in the name of climate change.

In a joint statement, “the White House and Department of Energy (DOE) said the pause would occur while federal officials conduct a rigorous environmental review assessing the projects’ carbon emissions, which could take more than a year to complete,” reported Fox News.

American Exploration & Production Council CEO Anne Bradbury described the decision as “nonsensical,” pointing out that “It simultaneously harms the U.S. economy, threatens the security of our allies around the world, and stymies global emissions reduction goals.” The move does indeed sound nonsensical if you believe climate fanatics actually care about the environment, which they do not.

The climate activists responsible for Friday’s announcement wrap their …

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