America’s Immigration System Is Cruel—to Americans › American Greatness

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Americans are paying a staggering cost for the federal government’s refusal to control mass immigration. The relentless influx costs billions of dollars in public services. It leaves Americans vulnerable to being needlessly and tragically victimized by unvetted criminals. Most cruel of all, it erases American communities through the silent, steady, and unwanted accumulation of a foreign population.

Under the Biden administration, enough migrants have poured into the country to replace the populations of multiple states. In December alone, 300,00 migrants crossed the border—enough people to replace the entire populations of some small American cities. That doesn’t include the unknown number of “gotaways” who bypassed border agents altogether.

Biden’s willful, obstinate abdication of U.S. sovereignty has caused a dramatic conflict with state governments, led by Texas governor Greg Abbott, who has responded to Biden’s extraordinary invasion by asserting control over the southern border.

Congressman Joaquin Castro …

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