If The UN Were A Country, Israel Would Have To Declare War On It

Article originally appeared on thefederalist.com.

In 1975, on the 37th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the UN General Assembly adopted a Soviet-led resolution equating Zionism, or the idea of a Jewish homeland, with “racism.”

Sure, the world would see genocides, manmade famines, violent repression of ethnic minorities, authoritarian regimes, terror states, theocratic revolutions, juntas, concentration camps, and communist despotism over the next four-plus decades. But this international parliament of depraved totalitarians and extremists would never lose focus. Since 1975, the UN has condemned Israel, the only free nation in the Middle East, more than any other in the world. Many years, in fact, the tiny country has been targeted with more resolutions than all others combined.

In addition to emboldening and legitimizing Israel’s enemies, including the pioneer of modern terrorism, the UN has also adopted an Arab myth in its effort to erase Jewish identity. Most infamous is a UNESCO resolution …

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