Calls Grow For Ilhan Omar To Be Expelled From Congress After She Says She’s Advocating For Her Homeland Of Somalia

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Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) sparked calls for her removal from Congress over the weekend after she made remarks at an event in Minnesota in which she told a group of Somalis that she is advocating for Somalia — where she was born and raised during her early years — while serving in the U.S. Congress.

A three-minute video clip of Omar went viral on Sunday that appears to have been translated by alleged officials from Somaliland, a breakaway region in Somalia that has claimed its independence from Somalia for decades but is not recognized by any other countries as being a sovereign state.

Omar made the remarks on Saturday while speaking at an event at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis celebrating the recent re-election of Said Abdullahi Deni as the President of the Puntland State of Somalia.

Omar’s remarks come as there have been recent tensions between Ethiopia and Somalia over Somaliland. Ethiopia …

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