Chicago, Where 148 Were Shot This Month, Demands ‘Ceasefire’ in Israel

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At least Mayor Brandon Johnson is consistent. He opposes the police fighting crime in Chicago and he opposes Israeli soldiers fighting Hamas.

The Chicago mayor knows who elected him and it sure as hell wasn’t the voters of the city, but the organized political machine of the Left, the unions and canvassers, the radicals who hate police and want the city to burn. In a recent poll, only 21% of Chicago voters approve of the job Johnson is doing running the city into the ground while 70% rated him poorly.

Only 7% of those surveyed rated Johnson’s performance as mayor as “excellent” with another 14% rating it as “good.” The remaining 69% either rated Johnson’s performance “only fair” (27%) or “poor” (43%) or said they “didn’t know” (10%). Among Black men, 14% rated Johnson’s performance as “excellent or good,” with 67% branding the work he’s done as mayor …

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