Iranian IRGC Commanders Go Into Hiding As Biden Admin Continues To Leak Details Of Alleged Retaliatory Strikes: Reports

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Commanders in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) — a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) — have reportedly gone into hiding in Iraq and Syria after President Joe Biden’s administration have repeatedly leaked their alleged plans to launch retaliatory strikes against those responsible for murdering three U.S. soldiers and wounding dozens more over the weekend.

CBS News reported that Biden officials confirmed to the network “that plans have been approved for a series of strikes over a number of days against targets — including Iranian personnel and facilities — inside Iraq and Syria.”

Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin, who has a pro-Biden slant to her reporting, responded to CBS’s report by noting that “all of those IRGC commanders have already left Syria and gone into hiding leaving those bases.”

“The Pentagon usually does not telegraph so much if it wants the element of surprise,” she …

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