Outlet Warns Trump Faces ‘Backlash’ if ‘MAGA World’ Complains About Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce Coverage

Article originally appeared on www.westernjournal.com.

Have we come to the point where the media is now an Ouroboros of coverage, eating its own tail in an effort to feed off of some kind of narrative?

The latest example involves Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Swift is the world’s most famous pop singer and Kelce, her boyfriend, the second-best player on an NFL team going to the Super Bowl for the fourth time in six years, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Because Swift was at Kelce’s games all season, the cutaways proved irksome for those who were there to simply watch a game, not watch reaction shots of the world’s most famous girlfriend. But this suddenly became stories about toxic masculinity and “weird, lonely, insecure men.” (That last quote is from sports radio host and Fox Sports 1 personality Colin Cowherd — who may indeed not be lonely, given that he’s married, …

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