Nikki Haley Suffers Primary Defeat That’s Her Most Embarrassing Yet

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It was embarrassing enough to watch when Nikki Haley was promising a strong performance in New Hampshire and then got thoroughly pummeled by Donald Trump. At least that was somebody — a former president, no less.

However, as a sort of object lesson that things can always get worse, take Tuesday’s GOP primary in Nevada primary. There, Haley lost by roughly 30 points … to nobody.

No, I’m not saying she beat everybody by 30 points. I’m not saying she won. I’m saying she lost to nobody. This isn’t an Abbott and Costello sketch. (“Third base!”) Instead, it’s the sad reality of Haley’s ridiculous, quixotic belief that she still has some kind of chance in this primary fight.

So, let me explain the sequence of events. Two weeks ago, after finally getting what she wanted and every other GOP candidate aside from herself and front-runner Trump out of the race, …

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