See The Grave Markers Of Long-Dead Residents Still On MI Voter Rolls

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Image Credit Public Interest Legal Foundation/Vimeo

A conservative legal group identified grave markers for various deceased Michigan residents still listed on the state’s voter rolls, video footage provided to The Federalist shows.

Published by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), the mini-documentary shines a light on the inclusion of long-deceased Michigan residents as active voters on the state’s voter registration lists. As shown in the video, some of these individuals have remained on the lists despite dying decades prior.

One of these former residents is a woman named Mamie Jones, whose voter file listed a birth year of 1823 — 14 years before Michigan became a state. According to the records reviewed by PILF, Jones was registered to vote as recently as 2008.

Another former resident highlighted in the video is Pauline Schmainda, who died in 1990 and is still listed on Michigan’s voter rolls. “There have been 16 federal elections since Pauline passed away,” …

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