Watch: Peter Doocy Has ‘Elderly’ Biden Rattled After Asking Him Point Blank About His ‘Poor Memory’

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You have to give it to President Joe Biden: He’ll admit his failings when he literally can’t think of anything else to blame them on.

On Thursday night, the president was allowed to stay up past his bedtime and speak at a news conference following the release of a special counsel investigation into the classified documents he retained at his residence after his time as vice president.

The report was more damning than expected.

Originally, most commentators had believed the president wasn’t going to be prosecuted over the retention of the documents because it was simply a minor oversight, unlike how special counsel Jack Smith is attempting to portray former President Donald Trump’s similar retention of White House documents.

Instead, special counsel Robert Hur essentially said in his report that the man currently running for another four years in the White House had a memory that was so faulty that it would …

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