Can The Super Bowl–And Trump–Save Bud Light?

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Screen capture from Bud Light’s Super Bowl ad.

A Big Week For Bud Light

Two big things happened for the ailing Bud Light brand this week: it’s Super Bowl ad dropped early, and Donald Trump suggested publicly that the brand deserved a second chance. Our friend Isaac Simpson, marketing expert extraordinaire, is back with a guest post on what this means for Bud Light, and for America. If you’re the type who likes to skim longer posts, be sure to read his last two paragraphs at least–they’re bangers.

Following Isaac’s post, we’ll wrap up with quick trading update, letting you know how we did on the trades we mentioned this week.

Authored by Isaac Simpson, host of The Carousel and founder of the Los Angeles-based dissident marketing agency WILL

Trump, Bud Light, And The Art Of The Deal

Pre-releasing Super Bowl ads is the new …

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