Senate Republicans Lied About Prioritizing Border Over Ukraine

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In a 67-32 vote on Thursday, 17 Republican senators voted alongside their Democrat colleagues to advance a $95 billion “emergency security spending bill” that included $60 billion in aid to Ukraine and, according to The Washington Post, billions of dollars to “Indo-Pacific allies and $10 billion in humanitarian aid for Gaza.”

This bill was introduced in response to the failure of its so-called bipartisan predecessor, championed by Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell and his Oklahoma-lackey Sen. James Lankford. The previous legislation that supposedly bundled border and foreign aid would have codified the ongoing southern border invasion into law by largely preventing meaningful action from being taken unless there was, as Federalist Senior Editor David Harsanyi noted, a “rolling average of 5,000 border encounters per day for a week, or 8,500 encounters in a single day.”

Subsequently, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer opted to advance the “emergency security spending” …

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