WATCH: Group Of Korean Christians Confronts Anti-Israel Protestors At Harvard

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CAMBRIDGE — An anti-Israel protest at Harvard University was disrupted by a group of South Korean Christians who blasted worship music and loudly defended Israel as the university students chanted “from the river to the sea.”

“What is happening at Harvard right now is something that is not normal,” the group’s pastor Joseph Kim said through a translator on a blaring microphone next to the anti-Israel protest. “South Korea supports Israel.”

Kim’s group, the Newsong Worship Teens, arrived at the Thursday protest organized by several anti-Israel groups and disrupted their speeches with both music and speeches of their own. “Harvard is broken down, and so liberal,” Kim told The Daily Wire through a translator. “So we’re here to actually heal that.”

Korean Christians Counterprotest Anti-Israel Harvard Students In Campus Clash

Harvard has been under mounting criticism for its response to Hamas’ massacre, including a lawsuit being filed by Jewish students that …

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