Biden Warned Israel Not to Enter Rafah, Israel Entered and Rescued 2 Hostages

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After months of fighting, Hamas had been forced to fall back to its stronghold in Rafah on the Egyptian border.

And the pressure on Israel not to go into Rafah intensified. Not only AOC and Bernie Sanders, but Biden warned Israel not go in because of the “humanitarian impact”.

Israel went in and brought out two hostages.

The IDF said it launched several airstrikes in Rafah as a diversion for the rescue operation. The rescue unit breached the building at 1:49 a.m. The force came down from the roof and detonated a bomb to breach a door on the second floor, eliminated the Hamas guards and picked up the two hostages. Other Hamas gunmen fired from nearby buildings, but the soldiers deployed in the street and returned fired at them in a battle that lasted for a long hour. “On the second floor, Louis and Fernando were held by armed Hamas …

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