Email Leak: CDC Buried Its Own Myocarditis Warning in MAY 2021

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Leak: CDC wrote myocarditis warning in MAY 2021, never published

What we have here is a bit of the old “public/private position” standard championed by Hillary Clinton, otherwise known as strategic lying.

Via The Epoch Times:

“In May 2021, CDC officials drafted an alert on myocarditis and the two most widely used COVID-19 shots, according to the newly obtained document, which is being made public for the first time by The Epoch Times. ‘This is the most recent draft of an alert as discussed. Happy to discuss,’ Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, the CDC’s top official for equity in COVID-19 data and engagement, told two other high-ranking CDC colleagues in the email. It was titled “draft alert on myocarditis and mRNA vaccines”… The CDC started receiving reports of post-vaccination …

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