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Everything seems to be going wrong for Joe Biden. It can’t be a good sign for him that he no longer trusts one of his most loyal henchmen. Merrick Garland has gone to extraordinary lengths to pursue Biden’s electoral opponent, but Biden, feeling power slip through his fingers, is fuming that the attorney general did not move quicker. According to Politico, the White House fears that Garland took Biden’s bogus pledge of Justice Department “independence” a little too literally, and now Biden may have to win re-election the normal way by convincing the public that he actually deserves a second term.

For Democrats, Biden is automatically redeemed by Donald Trump’s supposedly self-evident and uniquely odious criminality. But some Democrats are beginning to sense that the rest of the country does not share their urgency or their zealous certainty of Trump’s turpitude. Unlike Biden’s mental decline, …

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