Biden Would Never Bid Ukraine To A Ceasefire Like He Does Israel

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Joe Biden has not only promised to veto any standalone Israeli aid, but he’s reportedly circulating a draft resolution within the United Nations Security Council that would compel the Jewish state to stop its ground offensive in Rafah and, effectively, give Hamas a pass. Beyond that, the U.S. is also reportedly thinking about circumventing Israel and formally recognizing a Palestinian state.

In other words, while Ukraine is prodded by the United States to fight for every inch of its land, Israel is prodded to commit suicide.

Indeed, anyone who dares to suggest the United States push Ukraine to negotiate a settlement with Russia is framed as a democracy-hating Putin shill. Yet, before we even knew exactly how many Israeli women and children had been murdered, raped, and kidnapped by Hamas, Democrats were demanding Israel negotiate with Palestinians to create a potential three-front Iranian-proxy terror state …

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