New Poll Crushes Notion That Dems Could Beat Trump by Replacing Biden – Newsom, Kamala Lose Even Worse

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It seems that the Democratic Party’s winning ticket from 2020 is becoming their undoing in 2024.

While Joe Biden being “Not Trump” and Kamala Harris’ race and gender were enough to sway voters in 2020, now that the two have a track record more abysmal than the corpse of Millard Fillmore, the Democrats have been vainly tossing around the idea for a replacement for one or both of them.

Recent poll results from Georgia, however, might throw some cold water on those plans.

According to a new Emerson College/The Hill survey, voters in Georgia preferred Donald Trump to Biden by a slim margin, with Trump leading 48 percent to Biden’s 42 and 11 percent undecided. However, the numbers are much worse when other candidates are introduced.

When it comes to Harris, Trump leads 51 percent to Harris’ 41, with only 8 percent undecided.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom only received 32 percent compared …

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