Black Men Abandoning Biden in New Polling – It Was Only a Matter of Time

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If you have been following the news, you have seen countless news stories about the left being terrified about the 2024 election.

You are seeing poll after poll of Biden hemorrhaging support, especially with black voters, which is a crucial voting bloc for the left to win any election.

We now might have at least one reason black voters are no longer supporting President Joe Biden — the chaos at our southern border.

Recently, Stephen Dinan of the Washington Times wrote an article titled, “Safety nets for migrants repel Biden’s Black voters; support for border wall hits record high.”

“The politics of immigration have shifted as chaos at the border persists, according to a pollster who says black voters, in particular, are slipping away from President Biden over the issue,” the article began.

The pollster quoted was Raghavan Mayur, the president of a polling …

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