America’s Next Proxy War Against Russia

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Map of Kazakhstan by ethnic Kazakh percentage (ethnic Russians are the largest minority group in the country).

No Longer A Conspiracy Theory

As David Sacks wrote on X on Sunday, after yesterday’s bombshell New York Times article, the idea that the CIA was fighting a secret war against Russia in the Ukraine is no longer a conspiracy theory.

As Zero Hedge points out, the New York Times article essentially backs up Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claim that the U.S. was working to turn the Ukraine against it. Now a pseudonymous analyst on X suggests that the U.S. is in the early stages of running the Ukraine playbook against Russia in another ex-Soviet state, Kazakhstan. We’ve shared that analyst’s post below. Following that, we’ll close a couple of quick investing notes, one for conservative investors, and one for traders.

Running The Ukraine Playbook In Kazakhstan

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