Brutal Layoffs Show Just How Much People Hate Left-Wing Media

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The world is changing — and so is the news.

For years now, the legacy media has tried to strangle every competitor in the crib. To mega-outlets like CNN and The New York Times — whose credibility is running on the fumes of their once vaunted names — there’s nothing worse than competition.

Conservatives hear most about our own upstart media companies coming under attack from the corporate media. With endless hit pieces, they angle to undermine our legitimacy and all but beg government censors to shut us down. We here at The Daily Caller are no strangers to these tactics and must always be ready if we’re going to keep on bringing you the news.

But digital media competitors, often even more laughably liberal than the legacy press, were perhaps an even bigger threat to the major outlets’ bottom line. For better or worse, left-wing nuthouses like Vice …

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