NYC Mayor Seeks Illegal Alien Migrant Lifeguards

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New York City is collapsing under the weight of the mass illegal alien invasion. So the mayor has a plan.

Let’s make them into lifeguards!

Mayor Eric Adams also supports this initiative, aiming to address labor shortages. “I would love to get migrants and asylum seekers to help with the lifeguard shortage. We’ve been successful in getting almost 30,000 people to [file] applications, including work authorization, asylum, TPS — we want more,” Adams said.

Because NYC isn’t staggering badly enough, Mayor Adams wants more.

How will the illegal aliens work out as lifeguards? Ask Jose Antonio Ibarra, who was busted for child endangerment in NYC, before he went on to Georgia where he murdered Laken Riley.

Or the 8 migrants who attacked a cop in Times Square. Or the ones involved in this mob scene. Or any of the other ones.

Sure, why not entrust the safety of kids to them? What could …

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