AOC’s Own Words Come Back to Haunt Her After She Loses It on Protesters

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the far left Democratic representative of New York’s 14th District, has a long and embarrassing history of vocally lending her support to far left causes and ideas.

Her X feed is stuffed with these hot takes, but rarely does the out of touch congresswoman face the consequences of her rhetoric first hand.

However, as a recent video from Fox News has shown, when she does, she doesn’t react all that well.

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As seen in the video, an older gentleman with a mask over his face and holding up his cellphone follows AOC in an indoor mall, accusing her of refusing to call the Israel-Hamas war “a genocide.”

As AOC tried to flee from the man, the camera pulled back some and a whole fleet of protesters dogging her steps was shown, filming her with their phones and castigating her for …

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