Far Left Pushes for Illegal Alien Driver’s Licenses in Wisconsin with Tony Evers’ Help › American Greatness

Article originally appeared on amgreatness.com.

Radical activists are vying to make Wisconsin the next state to issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, flooding the state’s streets with unaccountable and dangerous drivers—and that’s just the start.

While leftists have been at this scheme for years, the most recent push comes from Milwaukee, where the Democrat-run board of supervisors passed a resolution calling for the licensing of illegal aliens last fall. ProPublica and other “progressive” outlets were quick to claim that it signals “growing support” for the move.

Newsflash: They’re bluffing.

This is a classic PR move orchestrated by professional activists to woo moderate Republican legislators like Rep. Patrick Snyder—quoted ad nauseum in dozens of articles with the same spin—and undermine the Republican Party’s firm stance on border security.

The illegal alien license campaign is in reality pushed by Democrat Gov. Tony Evers with support from a major advocacy group, Voces De La Frontera (Voices …

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