Biden Gets Painful Economic News on Day of State of the Union: February Layoffs Surge to Highest Level in 15 Years

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On Thursday at 9 p.m. EST, President Joe Biden is scheduled to give the American people an update on the health and welfare of our nation. I’m not sure any of us need the update. I think we all see what the actual state of the union is without it being encapsulated in an intentionally skewed State of the Union address.

It will especially be interesting to see how Biden’s speechwriters massage the dismal surge in employment layoffs recently, as reported by Challenger, Gray & Christmas. According to Fox News, the report revealed the acceleration of job cuts by U.S. employers “marked the highest layoff total for the month of February in data going back to 2009.”

That’s abysmal. And certainly not optimal news for Biden or the Biden administration to get on the morning of the State of the Union.

What this means is that the labor market is deteriorating, with employers in February reportedly making plans to shutter 84,638 jobs. …

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