Members Bust Out Laughing As Biden Says He’s ‘Delivered Results In Fiscally Responsible Ways’

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Congressional members burst into laughter Thursday evening after President Joe Biden stated that he’s “delivered results in fiscally responsible ways” during his State of the Union speech.

During his speech, Biden began to speak on America’s “fundamental fairness,” stating that he has delivered “real” results by cutting the federal deficit. While some congressional members off camera could be heard cheering on the president, others could instead be heard laughing at Biden’s statement. (RELATED: The ‘Inflation Tax’ Is Now Eating More Of Americans’ Wages Than At Any Point In Biden’s Presidency)

Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson could be seen behind Biden, appearing astonished by his statements regarding the country’s financial situation as he shook head in disbelief.

“Now let me speak to the question of fundamental fairness for all Americans. I‘ve been delivering real results in fiscally responsible ways. We’ve already cut the federal deficit over $1 trillion. …

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