The Achievement Gap is Coming From Outside the Classroom

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Two recent Broad + Liberty articles detailed issues in the Upper Darby School District at both the middle schools and the high school. Only 30.2 percent of Upper Darby high school students are proficient in Literature and only 7.3 percent in Algebra.

I am a member of Upper Darby High School’s Class of 1961. I served on the Upper Darby School Board in the 1980’s and 1990’s. My wife subsequently served on the board as well. I have a deep personal connection to the district and community. Such results are staggering and they make my heart heavy. And, they raise the basic question: why are they so bad?

Does the fault simply lie with the curriculum, the administration, the unions, or some combination thereof? After decades of significant spending increases, is the answer really more money, or are there other factors at work …

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