Meet the Foreign Student Protester Supporting Terrorists at Cornell

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After Oct 7, the various anti-Israel campus protest groups made it abundantly clear that they supported the Hamas atrocities. A few campus organizations were temporarily suspended and then everything went back to normal.

And no matter how open they are about their support for the murder of Jews, there are no consequences.

About 70 demonstrators gathered outside of Day Hall on Friday afternoon to protest the Student Assembly’s 16-4 rejection of Resolution 51, which called on Cornell to end partnerships with and suspected investments in arms companies — such as Boeing and Raytheon — that provide weapons to Israel. “We don’t take our cue from some bullsh*t Student Assembly at Cornell,” said Momodou Taal, grad, who led chants throughout the event. “We take our cue from the armed resistance in Palestine. We are in solidarity with the armed resistance in Palestine …

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