After Iran Killed 3 U.S. Soldiers, Biden Gives It $10B Sanctions Waiver

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This story is worse than it sounds. And while that’s true of nearly everything this administration does, it’s truly true here.

Iran’s terror militias launched a wave of rocket attacks against American soldiers in Iraq and Syria under Biden. There were dozens of these attacks last year alone. In the spring of 2023, Scott Patrick Dubis, a 52-year-old military contractor who had worked on U.S. military bases in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Qatar, was killed by an Iranian-backed attack. Now, three US Army soldiers were killed and over 30 were wounded in an Iranian-backed drone attack on a position on the Jordanian-Syrian border. This is the worst death toll in some time.

Beyond that, Iran was behind the Hamas Oct 7 attack which killed over 30 Americans and we’re in a battle with its Houthi proxies over shipping in the Red Sea.

So what does Joe Biden …

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