Gas Prices Are About to Become a Huge Headache for Biden: Experts

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Who would have thought shutting down oil drilling in the U.S. would end up having negative consequences in an election year?

It seems that President Joe Biden and his administration failed to consider those consequences, at any rate, seeing as experts are predicting a surge in gas prices in the coming months.

Given that the November elections are perilously important for Biden and his Democratic Party, this news couldn’t come at a worse time for them.

Reuters reported Thursday that major refinery outages are mainly to blame for the projected spike in U.S. gas prices — which already have increased 9 percent since the start of the year (averaging $3.412 on Thursday, according to AAA).

It also cited other contributing factors.

For one, according to Reuters, our stockpile of gasoline has fallen by 5.7 million barrels. In addition, drone strikes in Russia by Ukrainian forces have further affected our supply.

“There …

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