China’s Meltdown Over TikTok Ban Tells You All You Need to Know

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The pro-TikTok lobby within the conservative movement (I debated one of them) has kept insisting that the Chinese corporation exists separately from the regime and has nothing to do with it.

That ambiguity collapsed the moment the House bill passed.

Beijing is in full “Wolf Warrior” mode now. It described Congress as “bandits”, accused America of opposing “free speech”, cited the ACLU (ironically created by a Communist ally to support Communism), accused America of “bullying” and warned that this “will eventually backfire on the US itself”.

As many have pointed out, China has banned every American social media app. American companies routinely have to take on Chinese partners and are eventually squeezed out. If not, their IP is stolen and used to crank out copycat products or software.

The PRC doesn’t have a single leg to stand on.

But that’s not the point. What …

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