Supreme Court to Decide First Amendment is Null and Void

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Supreme Court Justice Kentanji Brown Jackson is getting some attention for stating that, “my biggest concern is that your view has the First Amendment hamstringing the government in significant ways.”

But the only problem there is that Jackson was dumb enough to say the quiet part out loud in which the Supreme Court, notably including Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Kavanaugh appear to be leaning on the idea that the government has a right to tell companies to censor particular individuals for political reasons, as long as the government doesn’t do anything more than say it, without making further blatant threats to the company.

Yes, Jackson is terrible, but consider the obnoxiousness of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Justice Elena Kagan and Chief Justice John Roberts snickering together about the idea of government censorship.

“I had assumed, thought, experienced–government …

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