Gen. Milley: “I Don’t Know the Exact Number of Americans That Were Left Behind”

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We have court martialed men for less, but there’s no accountability at the top.

At the Congressional hearing on Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan disaster, Gen. Milley showed the presence of mind and command of detail that he was famous for.

“I’ll be candid, I don’t know the exact number of Americans that were left behind, because the starting number was never clear,” Milley admitted. “Same is true of at-risk Afghans, SIVs the commandos, other Afghans that served with us — those numbers varied so widely that they were quite inaccurate.”

The upshot of the testimony from Milley and Gen. McKenzie is that the whole thing was a mess because of the State Department which refused to evacuate until the last minute.

Gen. Kenneth “Frank” McKenzie, who was the top U.S. general in the Middle East during the withdrawal, also testified …

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