Trump Campaign Vows To Reverse Biden’s New ‘Extreme Electric Vehicle Mandate’

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Former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign fired back at President Joe Biden’s finalized plan unveiled on Wednesday that is considered to be the most extreme push in history to destroy the gas-powered car industry and force consumers to drive what will be, in effect, government-mandated electric vehicles.

“Joe Biden’s extreme electric vehicle mandate will force Americans to buy ultra-expensive cars they do not want and cannot afford while destroying the U.S. auto industry in the process,” a Trump campaign spokesperson said in a statement. “This radical policy is anti-jobs, anti-consumer, and anti-American. It will destroy the livelihoods of countless U.S. autoworkers while sending the U.S. auto industry to China.”

“President Trump will reverse Joe Biden’s extreme electric vehicle mandate on Day One,” the statement continued. “He will protect the freedom of Americans to drive whichever vehicle they choose, enhance President Trump’s tough tariffs on Chinese-imported …

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