If PA Floods Elections With Mail-In Ballots, We Need Poll Watchers

Article originally appeared on thefederalist.com.

With the score tied in the 10th inning of game three of the 1975 World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the Cincinnati Reds, a Reds batter bunted with one man on base. Boston’s catcher, Carlton Fisk, quickly pounced on the ball, but the batter got in the way. Fisk’s throw to second went wild and the runner on base eventually scored, but the umpire refused to call interference. The call remains controversial to this day, part of baseball lore with some believing the call deprived the Red Sox of a World Series win.

Major League Baseball made great strides 33 years later when it instituted instant replay. Now both the decision-makers and fans have access to a clear — and identical — view of what happens on the field. Had that technology been available in 1975, maybe the transparency would have discouraged …

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