‘A Punch In My Face’: Mothers Who’ve Lost Kids To Fentanyl Speak Out About Crisis, Slam Biden

Article originally appeared on www.dailywire.com.

Numerous mothers who’ve lost children to fentanyl-related deaths are speaking out about the alarming epidemic, which has been largely exacerbated by the open southern border and the Biden administration’s drug initiatives.

Speaking to Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro in the latest episode of his docu-series, “The Divided States of Biden,” April Babcock, who lost her 25-year-old son Austen to fentanyl, said President Joe Biden’s handling of the border is a “punch” in her “face,” and lamented the president giving “operational control to the Mexican cartels.”

“I thought the sitting president was supposed to put Americans first,” Babcock told Shapiro.

“He was my baby,” she said of her son. “He loved soccer. He was just a good kid, he was so laidback.”

“He started dabbling in drugs at the age of 19,” Babcock said. “And this is what I want to hone in on: he’s dead by 25. Before fentanyl, you …

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