Sacramento to Become Sanctuary City for Child Abusers

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Sacramento just got done passing a resolution demanding that Israel stop attacking Hamas by an almost overwhelming margin (with the exception of the lone Jewish councilwoman) so now it’s time to get even edgier.

Sanctuary cities for illegal alien invasions are old news. But what about a sanctuary city for mutilating kids?

The Sacramento City Council will Tuesday consider making Sacramento a sanctuary city for transgender people. The resolution, proposed by Councilwoman Katie Valenzuela, would bar city staff — including officers and contractors — from detaining people for seeking or providing gender-affirming health care. It would also bar the city from cooperating with out-of-state jurisdictions that are criminalizing gender-affirming care.

No one criminalizes adults seeking to have their own genitals cut off. California, like the administration, has turned it into a taxpayer-subsidized mandate.

And no Republican …

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