Biden’s Budget Spends Too Much Money On All The Wrong Things

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“Don’t tell me your values. Show me your budget and I will tell you what you value,” Joe Biden frequently proclaims. Biden’s 2025 budget proposal shows what he values: too much spending and spending on the wrong priorities.

Rather than trimming the federal government’s sails after the Covid spending binge led to a prolonged bout of “Bidenflation,” the administration’s budget would accelerate the growth in spending that has seen federal debt balloon. And it would do so while not spending enough to secure our nation, and its border, from growing threats overseas.

Spending on Steroids

Other sources have spent the two weeks since the budget’s formal release dissecting specific provisions and proposals within it. But it’s worth focusing on the macro-level issues.

Start with the topline spending number for this year’s budget, which covers the fiscal year beginning this …

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