Exclusive Interview: It’s Trump’s Election to Lose, Expert Campaign Strategist Louis Perron Says

Article originally appeared on www.westernjournal.com.

Political campaign strategists base the vast majority of their decisions on number crunching and hard analysis of past elections. But any strategist worth his salt will tell you they truly earn their living, and their reputation, by ferreting out the unique situations that are a part of every election and reacting accordingly.

As all of that applies to the epic rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, it’s really a matter of where to begin, according to political strategist Louis Perron, Ph.D. To be sure, labeling this election as “unique” amounts to a colossal understatement.

Perron ought to know. He’s an acclaimed Switzerland-based political scientist and consultant who’s won elections for politicians around the globe, from mayors to presidents and vice presidents. He’s also a frequent commentator and TEDx speaker. And this year he literally wrote the book on the matter, “Beating the Incumbent: Proven …

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