Megyn Kelly, Ben Shapiro React To Fentanyl Crisis: ‘It’s Hard To Believe That’s The United States Of America’

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Megyn Kelly reacted with shock to images of the fentanyl crisis ripping through the United States and killing roughly 100,000 Americans annually.

Kelly, host of “The Megyn Kelly Show,” interviewed Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro on her show on Monday, asking Shapiro about his new docu-series “The Divided States of Biden,” in which the Daily Wire host investigates the fentanyl epidemic.

“Oh my God, it’s hard to believe that’s the United States of America,” Kelly said after viewing the trailer for the latest episode.

Kelly and Shapiro discussed the epidemic, its causes, and potential solutions.

“A lot of people who are dying of fentanyl poisoning don’t even realize they’re ingesting fentanyl,” Shapiro said. “They think that they are taking a vicodin, or they think that they are taking a xanax, or they think that they’re taking an adderall and it turns …

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