Biden to Unveil Second Attempt at Mass Student Loan Cancellation After Getting Slapped Down by the Supreme Court the First Time: Report

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President Joe Biden is getting ready to launch another attempt to reduce student loan debt for millions of Americans.

And no matter what high-minded reasons the administration gives for the plan, the reality is that it’s just another attempt by the Democrats to buy votes from Americans with their own money.

According to an exclusive report from The Wall Street Journal, Biden will outline the plan during a speech in Madison, Wisconsin — a strong indication that his goal is not debt relief so much as re-election.

Wisconsin is one of the most contested of the swing states, going to former President Donald Trump in 2016 and Biden in 2020, each time by fewer than 25,000 votes.

Wins by Republican candidates and causes in the state in Tuesday’s elections must certainly have given Team Biden reason for concern.

The Journal pointed at previous polling that showed Biden not only “trailing in six of the seven …

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