Chris Cuomo Tears Biden A New One Over Israel: ‘Hostages Have Become An Afterthought’

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NewsNation anchor Chris Cuomo tore into President Joe Biden on Thursday, accusing the White House of sending a “mixed message” on Israel and warning him that no amount of political pressure — even from within his own party — was an “excuse to be weak.”

Cuomo was responding to Biden’s Thursday call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during which he reportedly pressured the Israeli leader to move ahead with a ceasefire in Gaza despite the fact that the terrorist group Hamas — which started the current war with an unprovoked attack on October 7th and is still holding Israeli and American hostages — has thus far refused to make any concessions.

During the call, the president also suggested that U.S. policy toward Israel moving forward would be reevaluated and determined based on Netanyahu’s response to Biden’s demands.

Cuomo was apparently not impressed, and he used his Thursday monologue to address …

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