Biden Offers $300 Billion Bribe to Buy 30 Million Voters

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After $138 billion in bribes already, Biden visited Wisconsin to corruptly promise “student loan debt” transfer from his potential voters to the taxpayers who are already facing $100,000 in debt per household from the national debt.

Why Wisconsin? It’s a battleground state.

While student loan debt transfer loaded onto taxpayers is bad enough, Biden is fairly blatant about making it a bribe by doing it in a battleground state as part of his election campaign.

Biden has boasted about ignoring the Supreme Court’s ruling to push what he misleadingly calls “student loan forgiveness”. It’s not forgiveness, it’s a transfer of the debt from the people he sees as his voters, younger college graduates, especially those with MAs, to those whom he sees as political enemies, older taxpayers.

What’s the cost of this particular bribe? Biden isn’t saying, but the last time he tried this (and …

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