Americans Send Biden an Unmistakable Reality Check About His Electric Vehicle Push in New Poll

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This is probably not the news the Biden campaign had been hoping for seven months before November’s general election.

As his administration continues to push electric vehicles, the American people are not with him. Just the opposite, in fact.

EV ownership has risen over the past year, of course — no surprise there. The increase hasn’t been huge — from 4 percent to 7 — but still, I’m sure President Joe Biden sees almost doubling the number of American EV owners in one year as something of a victory for his policies.

Not looking so good for Team Biden, however, is the fact that number of people who told Gallup that they were “seriously considering” a purchase of a new EV was down by a similar 3 points, from 12 percent to 9 percent.

If you’re Joe Biden, however (and I’m assuming you’re not, because I don’t think he has the sense to read The Western Journal), …

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